Trastra Review

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I have been using Trastra now for well over a year and am happy to recommend their service. There have been no problems. The whole system works OK. You transfer your Bitcoin into Trastra and you then have the choice to covert it to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP as well as some US dollar tokens. … Read more

Reddit has said it will be tokenizing karma points into Crypto

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According to a newly hired Reddit programmer, the social media platform may soon turn users’ karma points into Ethereum-based (ERC-20) tokens and enrol 500 million new crypto users. Rahul, a Reddit programmer, has been tweeting about Reddit’s efforts to boost user interaction through different cryptocurrency projects. A layer-two rollup utilising Arbitrum technology, called Community Points, … Read more

Putin open to Bitcoin payments

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Despite increased scrutiny from regulators around the world, Russian President Vladimir Putin has shown a willingness to accept cryptocurrency as a legitimate form of payment. During an interview with CNBC that aired on Thursday and was made public by the Kremlin’s website, Putin remarked that: “To transfer money to some other place maybe, but it’s … Read more

Coinbase has been hacked

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Coinbase has come under criticism for its poor customer support in the wake of stories of consumers’ accounts being hacked and cash being stolen. According to a recent investigation by CNBC, the business has received thousands of complaints from consumers around the country. According to the publication, it interviewed many Coinbase users who said hackers … Read more

Twitter to enable Bitcoin tips

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Twitter has enabled the option to request tips in Bitcoin via its app, making it the first major social network to do so. Additionally, the firm intends to connect users’ crypto wallets and utilise an unique badge to authenticate the ownership of NFTs they tweet. Twitter has been testing tipping for several months, but the … Read more

What is all the fuss about OmiseGo?


OmiseGo is a distributed ledger technology platform that seeks to revolutionise the way payments are made and received. The OMG token, which is led by parent firm Omise, is meant to make it easier to pay for fast food or online shopping via the OmiseGo financial platform. The Thai operation aims to convert Ethereum-based blockchain … Read more

What exactly is Cryptocurrency Staking?

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Crypto staking is a phenomenon that has arisen in reaction to the increasing energy demand generated by Proof-of-Work (PoW) protocols like the one used to process transactions on the bitcoin (BTC) blockchain. In essence, staking cryptocurrencies entails acquiring and reserving a specified amount of tokens that will be needed to authenticate blockchain transactions. This novel … Read more