Crowds of DOGE-partiers at the Million Doge Disco frolic for free DOGE

People all around the globe started celebrating for Dogecoin last month when the “Million Doge Disco” was held to mark the beginning of the festival.

With augmented reality in the smartphone application, users are encouraged to video themselves dancing and pretend they have the animated Shiba Inu puppies in the game. They also get to go treasure hunting around town and compete for DOGE and another $250,000 in prize money.

Dogey goings on in Miami

If you are thinking about attending a Doge Disco party, you may sign up for a Disco Doge NFT, or ‘Dogeagotchi’, by visiting the Doge Disco website.

These beautiful creatures can earn Dogecoin, they have the capability to deliver Doge philosophy on a daily basis, or they can discover NFT (non-fungible token) objects hiding in augmented reality.

disco doge
One of the beautiful creatures

The Dogeagotchi has to be taken care of much like a Tamagotchi. It is often believed that well-cared-for Dogecoin is worth more than those let to starve.

Dogecoin owners may earn a “Proof of Party” (POP) from fellow community members by filming themselves dancing and then uploading the clip.

The initiative is run by Justin Trudeau’s half-brother, who lives in South America. The Million Doge Disco event was launched by crypto wallet Swiss Key’s Kyle Kemper during the Miami Bitcoin Conference.

Dogecoin had an explosive rise in popularity when Bitcoin’s bull run in 2020/2021 occurred. The developers, Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, designed the currency as a way to mock the still-emerging cryptocurrency frenzy, which was only getting underway at the time.

After helping the existing DOGE team accomplish their objective to make DOGE a green and realistic payment option, Elon Musk has agreed to assist DOGE make its way into the world.