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The History of the Kraken Exchange In 2011, a security breach at the offices of an infamous, now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange (Mt. Gox , for those interested) prompted a visit from Jesse Powell, who was at the time the CEO and co-founder of Lewt, Inc., a company that worked on digital currencies within the video-games industry … Read more



The History of Stormgain As one of the youngest companies mentioned on our list, Stormgain was actually first conceived in 2017, though the platform itself didn’t launch until sometime around mid-2019. Previous to becoming CEO and founder of Stormgain, Alex Althausen had already accrued a prestigious history with-in the more traditional Financial Service industry, with … Read more


The History of Paybis Founded in 2014 by Innokenty Isers, Konstantin Vasilenko and Arturs Markevich, visionaries who collectively saw the future potential of cryptocurrencies fairly early-on, Paybis started out initially as nothing more than a thought experiment. During these early stages the three friends were more involved with the gaming industry, coming as they did … Read more


The History of Bitpanda While originally founded in late-2014 under the name Coinimal by Eric Demuth, Christian Trummer and Paul Klanschek in Vienna (Austria), the company quickly changed their name and had achieved a full rebrand by early-2016. Thus, the more palatable name Bitpanda was conceived. Bitpanda is an exchange for digital assets (including cryptocurrencies, precious … Read more

A Brief History of CEX.IO As of 2021, the international cryptocurrency exchange CEX IO is almost 8 years old, and few industries have been as dynamic or active in the crypto space during that time period, prompting many finance magnates to seek out Oleksandr Lutskevych- founder and CEO at CEX.IO- for his perspective on all … Read more


A Brief History of Changelly This platform was founded during Bitcoin’s initial boom (in 2013) and, by still going strong to this very day, Changelly has truly established themselves as one of the veterans of the crypto industry. Originally started by a company named Minergate, Changelly rapidly gained enormous popularity for its easy-to-use exchange services … Read more


A Brief History of Coinbase In Bitcoin’s earliest phase (roughly 2009-2012) even a simple exchange of the newly minted currency was a far more daunting task than it is today. Whilst these digital coins could be mined relatively cheaply compared to the present day, exchanging Bitcoins and buying things with them proved a challenge of … Read more